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His Highness (H.H.) Mahmoud Salah-Al-Din Assaf (Prince of Keserwan, Mamluk Sultanate of Salahadin) 

began his bilingual academic studies at King Khalid International School in Saudi Arabia, a High School of American Curriculum standards (2004).

He is a hereditary Royal Prince of the 7th century Assaf Dynasty (Banu Assaf, “Assaf” a Persian word meaning “genuine”) of the Mamluk Sultanate of the Persian Keserwan of Mount Lebanon (from 1306) and of Tripoli (from 1585). His long dynasty is one of the oldest of all Middle East.

He began his diplomatic career as Cultural Environment Trainer for the government contractor Akima based in Fort Irwin California (2008-2010), later promoted as Diplomatic Support Officer, providing expert translations and research for foreign relations (2013).

He served as Diplomatic Liaison and Interpreter, as a US Army Brigade Commander appointed at Fort Hood Texas, working in the Middle East (2013-2015), facilitating bilateral cooperation between Senior Command and Iraqi Diplomats.

In philanthropy he serves as: Ambassador at Large of the UN-registered Brotherhood of Dragons (since 2015) based in Vienna, holding Observer status in the UN Economic and Social Council, with diplomatic status and established diplomatic relations with the European Union and African Union; Humanitarian Ambassador for the World Service Authority (WSA) of the UN-registered Universal Human Rights Organisation (since 2016) founded in 1954 based in Washington DC, operating the successful World Citizenship Passport program. “Expanding his career into university management, he serves as Director of Education Services for multiple university-level educational institutions in the Middle East and Gulf Region, including for Sastra Angkor Institute (SAI) in Cambodia (since 2016), and the Peaceful Mind Foundation in India (since 2017).

He was also Senator of Middle East Peace Program (from 2013 to 2016). Nowadays, His Highness is President of the Bactakleen BioTechnology for Anti-bacterial Nano Technology treatment system (since 2017), developing public health systems for supporting humanitarian socio-economic projects worldwide and Vicepresident of City University as well as Director General of MENA.

His Excellency (H.E.) Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez LLB., MBA., PhD. H.,

(Santiago de Compostela, 1995) is a Spanish jurist, diplomat, journalist and academic.

He is Graduated in Law in A Coruña University (2013-2017), Graduated in Journalism at National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile (2013-2017) and MBA in “International Construction Management” at European University of Madrid (2017-2018).

He made different specializations and courses at universities and business schools like MIT, ESSEC Business School, Harvard University, Indian School of Business, London Business School, Princeton University, Saudi Electronic University, Stanford University, The Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, Vanderbilt University or Yale University.

He received in 2019 the Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa) in Human Rights and Diplomacy by the Asean University International (Indonesia) and Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Enviromental Peace by Noble International University (USA).

In 2016 he started in the field of Law research about family law and private property. Since his beginnings in the academic field he became member of several national and international academies and received more than twenty National and International awards.

Sir Manuel is advisor of some Princes and Royal Houses around the World as well as Honorary Ambassador of different organisations related to United Nations.

Since July of 2018 he is the President of the Private Council of the Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf and patronage member of Assaf Foundation.

Since 2019, he is contributor of Le Monde and Le Figaro, two of the best 25 newspapers of the World. He published 4 books and has been featured and interviewed as author and entrepreneur in media like Forbes, Cosmo, CNBC, CBS, ABC and Fox News.

Is considered of one of the Most Influent by different journals and magazines as UpClosed or Mundo Extremo. Since 2018 is considered one of the Most Influent Men in the Middle East since he received the award “Best Human Leader in the World for 2017”. 

In 2019, the magazine Cosmo Chic made a special review about his position between the 250 Top Influencersof Middle East of 2019. In the same year was included as Honorary member “World Order of Global Leaders” and also Nominee to the award “The Face of the Globe in Service to Humanity 2019” given by Global Public Excellence with support of Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Nowadays, he is mainly dedicated to positioning and leadership promotion since Mayaimi International Corp. and working in Higher Education. He works in Higher Education in university as Associate Professor and Vicepresident of Communications at Asean University International as advisor of IIC University and of City University Group.

He is contributor about Higher Education in the Official blog of News of Harvard University, in the University of Southern California, in MSNBC and Microsoft Education as well as Contributor and Advisor of Higher Education of The Times of India and The Economic Times.

He is also Contributor and Advisor of blogs and university platforms about Higher Education of Yale University, the University of California-Berkeley, Indiana University and Oregon University Online.




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