Assaf Member Sir Anthony Ritossa Featured in Forbes Middle East

Sir Anthony Ritossa has been featured in Forbes Middle East about his last event, the 11th Global Family Office Investment Summit, Under the High Patronage of H.R.H. Prince AbdulAziz Bin Faisal Al Saud will be held in Riyadh between 23rd to 25th March 2020.

In the feature was included a quote of H.E. Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez Hon. D., FRAS., FRSA., as President of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al-Din Assaf (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) where he said that “Sometimes you meet people that always are inspiring in your pathways, who became more than friends, became companions of life. I am truly honoured for having attending again to one of the best private capital events of our times organised by Ritossa Family Office.”

Sir Anthony is the Chairman of the Ritossa Family Office which represents the distillation of 600 years of history – of a grove, a family and a region. The gnarled roots of the Ritossa olive groves have persevered through war and natural disasters, through changes of climate and country, and under the rule of warrior princes, wealthy merchant kings and modern despots.

The Ritossa Family Office is host to The Global Family Office Investment Summits. The Summit Series has made global headlines as the world’s largest and most exclusive gathering of the private wealth of all time. 600+ Elite Family Offices, Prominent Business Owners, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investment Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds & industry professionals from around the globe convene representing more than $4.5 trillion in wealth.

These global gatherings are aimed squarely at like-minded leaders and the new masters of the universe, the private investment offices. Being part of a family office himself, understanding what is essential to families and corporations, and including this in the conference agenda, creates a unique environment and a lovely ambience only found at Ritossa Summits.

Sir Anthony Ritossa welcomes in Riyadh 600+ global leading family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals. These include Royals, Sheikhs, Private Investment Companies and Sovereign Wealth Funds. Together, they will explore global opportunities, succession planning, philanthropy suggestions, and family governance.