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H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal last article on The Economic Times and The Times of India (“Mental education in the family core”)

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The family education system seems to be changing. Although there are always black sheeps and wolves with little sheep’s clothing, destabilization seems to be manifesting in the family of the most advanced countries, especially regarding the education of mental and sensitive stability.

If history can teach us quote since the origins, it is that the family is the fundamental core of education as human beings. Family education does not depend on wealth or social status, it depends on the goodness of the human being. In this case, the words of Mitch Albom could be applied, when he said that a family is not just love, it is knowing that it will take care of you unconditionally, something that you can not get with fame, money or a job.

Hence, mainly those who succeed personally and professionally are people whose greatest source of wealth are family and friends. Those who have enjoyed family unity and the pleasure of little things with every good or bad moment it is sure that they will transmit those same good qualities to their children.

However, in a society increasingly prone to decline, we find ourselves under the strong pressure of latent selfishness in the hearts and minds of the individual. Hence, the increased concentration of divorces and separations stemming from the primary selfishness of one of the partners, rather than seeking the common weal and prosperity.

For this reason, it is recommendable to advise those who suffer not to confuse prosperity with tranquility, because Stockholm syndrome can sometimes distort the mind to unsuspected limits.

That is why there are many parents who prefer their own well-being instead of the well-being of their children.

The situations are very diverse and even far-fetched within the spectrum of the pathologies of an insane person. Among them, we can see from envy, through the possession and domination of those who are in charge, to the simple fact of enjoying the suffering of a child.

In situations such as the global lockdown due to COVID-19, it reflects perfectly how society has changed, on the one hand, it is seen how there are families that show kindness and unity, and others that are dominated by discord.

With regard to the first ones, the mental education unit is usually the same, despite the fact that could be any kind to be friction in coexistence, although frictions are always solved. The clearest way to alleviate it is the practice of patience towards the other, ignoring the defects of the other and bearing the burdens of others. In this way, following Lawrence G. Lovasik, the most basic condition of all human and social activity in the family is defined with that tactic.

Nevertheless, in the second one, there is usually disagreement generally due to an element that alters the ecosystem. Referring to virology there are two options: the virus kills the host, or the host kills the virus.

With no reference to taking up arms or violence, far from it, the lesson we must take is that the virus tends to spread and the only way to combat it is through social isolation. That is why, without selfish overtones, I personally recommend that a timely divorce is the best shot. Of course, do not forget that viruses mutate and that they can change their appearance.

In my humble opinion, these viruses, as in virology, can be due to nature or designed.

In the field of natural viruses, they tend to attack by pressure of previous psychic pathologies, which must be analyzed before infection with greater caution, because sometimes the virus takes time to express its symptoms.

Contrarily, designed viruses are usually defined by a manufacture with misanthropic tendencies, which can be translated into a bad education in origin and sometimes with previous deadly virology – translated into psychiatric pathologies from nature virus –. In this regard, the need to earn the own wealth is an important aspect to consider.

In my personal experience, as well as that of many people I use to talk with, we always agree that those who have fought for everything they have, use to have an attitude that generally do not express an aggressive behavior against the family or friends.

However, those people who has everything since they born, is tending to attend their own interest before the family, because they believe that everything they receive is by divine grace and everyone must be willing to satisfy their needs.

Then, these viruses tend to act differently. Sometimes like cancer, killing softly, annulling their relatives until the moment the virus takes the family last breath away; or, taking precedents of family violence, killing with fury every living cell in a sudden way.

Let us remember that the family borns in loyalty and not in documents, therefore, we have to follow the support and unconditional love of those who feel pure in heart and forget the social pressures or threats of those who ignore the true beliefs of mental education. As C. Joy Bell said, there is no such thing as a “broken family”. The family is the essence of life and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce and adoption, the family comes from the heart.

Therefore, sometimes is better to be alone than with bad partners or parents. Nevertheless, in case of having life companions, try to appreciate how lucky you are. However, as a conclusion, you must consider three aspects: how and with whom to make a partnership, it is never too late to take action, and whatever you do, always think about the legacy you are leaving for your children.


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H.E. Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, President of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf and Patronage Member of Assaf Foundation, has been elected as a fellow of the Royal Anthropological of Great Britain and Ireland.

H.E. Prof. Sir Freire-Garabal y Núñez was proposed by Dr. David Shankland, Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute. He was approved as a Fellow at the meeting of the Council on 27 March 2020. His membership number is M35243.

The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) is the world’s longest-established scholarly association dedicated to the furtherance of anthropology (the study of humankind) in its broadest and most inclusive sense. The Institute is a non-profit-making registered charity and is entirely independent, with a Director and a small staff accountable to the Council, which in turn is elected annually from the Fellowship. It has a Royal Patron in the person of HRH the Duke of Gloucester KG, GCVO.

The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI) is a long-established anthropological organization, with global membership. Its remit includes all the component fields of anthropology, such as biological anthropology, evolutionary anthropology, social anthropology, cultural anthropology, visual anthropology and medical anthropology, as well as sub-specialisms within these, and interests shared with neighboring disciplines such as human genetics, archaeology and linguistics. It seeks to combine a tradition of scholarship with services to anthropologists, including students.

The RAI promotes the public understanding of anthropology, as well as the contribution anthropology can make to public affairs and social issues. It includes within its constituency not only academic anthropologists, but also those with a general interest in the subject, and those trained in anthropology who work in other fields.

The Institute’s fellows are lineal successors to the founding fellows of the Ethnological Society of London, who in February 1843 formed a breakaway group of the Aborigines’ Protection Society, which had been founded in 1837. The new society was to be ‘a center and depository for the collection and systematization of all observations made on human races’.

Between 1863 and 1870 there were two organizations, the Ethnological Society and the Anthropological Society. The Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (1871) was the result of a merger between these two rival bodies. Permission to add the word ‘Royal was granted in 1907.

Individuals seeking full Fellowship status are usually required to be proposed by current Fellows who personally know the potential member. Fellowship in the Institute is primarily for notable scholars who have professional or academic achievement in the field of the study of humankind or the social sciences. Fellows are elected by the RAI Council and are entitled to use the honorific post-nominal letters FRAI.

The RAI has a unique reference and research collection comprising photos, films, archives and manuscripts.

The photographic library consists of over 75,000 historic prints, negatives, lantern slides and other images, the earliest dating from the 1860s. The photo library illustrates the great diversity and vitality of the world’s cultures as well as the history of photographic image-making itself.

The RAI is actively involved in developing ethnographic film and video, as a mode of anthropological inquiry and as an educational resource. It has an extensive collection of videos, copies of which are available for sale for educational and academic purposes. Films can be studied and previewed onsite.

The archive and manuscript collection spans a period of over 150 years, providing a unique historical record of the discipline and of the Institute itself. Much unpublished textual and visual material entrusted to the RAI over the years is held in the manuscript collection, which is being conserved and cataloged on a continuing basis.

Access to the RAI Collection is free to all RAI Fellows, Members, Student Associates and all undergraduate students by prior appointment. Others may visit the Collection on payment of an access fee.

The RAI has a close association with the British Museum’s Anthropology Library, which incorporates the former RAI Library given to the Museum in 1976. The Library is located within the Centre for Anthropology at the British Museum and is effectively Britain’s national anthropological library. All may use the Library on-site; RAI Fellows may borrow books acquired by the RAI.

Assaf Member H.E. Luis Suárez Hernández honored by Ecuador

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Assaf Member H.E. Luis Suárez Hernández has been appointed with the medal of the City Council of Playas (Ecuador) today in the City Hall of Medley (Miami, FL) because of his efforts in the educational field opening doors between the US and Ecuador cultures.

General Villamil, also known as Playas, is an Ecuadorian canton; Cantonal head of Cantón Playas, as well as the eighth largest and most populated city in the Province of Guayas. It is located to the south of the coastal region of Ecuador, on an extensive plain on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, at an altitude of 3 meters above sea level and with a tropical dry climate of 24 ° C on average.

In the 2010 census, it had a population of 34,409 inhabitants, making it the forty-first most populated canton in the country. The city is the nucleus of the General Villamil metropolitan area, which is also made up of nearby rural cities and parishes. The conglomerate houses more than 60,000 inhabitants

Its origins date back to the middle of the colonial period. Since the middle of the 20th century, the city has shown an accelerated demographic growth, due to its geographical location close to Guayaquil, until establishing an urban town. After the creation of the Province of Santa Elena in 2007, it became the only spa in the province of Guayas, which provided a better investment in this canton in its tourist infrastructure. Its main activities are fishing, commerce and tourism.

In 1982 UNESCO declared General Villamil Playas the second best climate in the world after a mountainous place in Australia.

H.E. Luis Suárez Hernández is an Honorary Doctor and Honorary Graduate by letters in the UAC University School of Global Management.

He is VicePresident of Miami Kingdom Lions Club, President of Suro Global Corp., President of La Diaspora Magazine and Curator of Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History Inc. He is Executive Director and International Relations of the Chamber of Commerce of Medley, Florida and Director of public relations at the National College of Journalists and  Liaison Officer of the Cuban Academy of History.

He is Member of the Advisory Council of H.R.H. Pedro José de Mendoça Bragança e Bourbon of Portugal, Duke of Loulé and President of the Royal Order of Saint Michael of the Wing for North and South America (USA).

He is an ambassador with the diplomatic credentials of NOHE/ UN.

Assaf Member H.E. Luis Suarez Honored

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In the Capital of the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) at the Hotel “Embajador Real”, the protocol event of the delivery of the US Chaplains – Law Enforcement was held, which His Excellency Luis Suárez Hernández with his wife His Excellency Dayamy Rodríguez Aponte, were awarded the degree of General of Chaplaincy. The event was attended by the General of the National Police, the Vice Minister of Culture, the Representative of the Ministry of Sport, Representatives of the Congress and Foreign Ministry among others along with the General of US Chaplain & Law Enforcement.

His Excellency (H.E.) Luis Suárez Hernández Ph.D. H., is Vice-President of Miami Kingdom Lions Club, President of Suro Global Corp., President of La Diaspora Magazine and Chief-Curator of Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History Inc.

He is Executive Director and International Relations of the Chamber of Commerce of Medley, Florida. Director of public relations at the National College of Journalists and  Liaison Officer of the Cuban Academy of History.

He represents international institutions as Rosario Gatón Foundation (Secretary-General), The Holy Order of San Miguel del Ala (President and Delegate for North and Latin America) and the Order of Vilaviçosa, International Museum of Motorcycles “Calvo de Barrientos” (Vicepresident).

He is an ambassador with the diplomatic credentials of NOHE/ UN.

He is an Honorary Doctor and Honorary Graduate by letters in the UAC University School of Global Management.

He is a member of various national and international academies and advisor of various houses and royal families.

Assaf Member Sir Anthony Ritossa Featured in Forbes Middle East

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Sir Anthony Ritossa has been featured in Forbes Middle East about his last event, the 11th Global Family Office Investment Summit, Under the High Patronage of H.R.H. Prince AbdulAziz Bin Faisal Al Saud will be held in Riyadh between 23rd to 25th March 2020.

In the feature was included a quote of H.E. Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez Hon. D., FRAS., FRSA., as President of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al-Din Assaf (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) where he said that “Sometimes you meet people that always are inspiring in your pathways, who became more than friends, became companions of life. I am truly honoured for having attending again to one of the best private capital events of our times organised by Ritossa Family Office.”

Sir Anthony is the Chairman of the Ritossa Family Office which represents the distillation of 600 years of history – of a grove, a family and a region. The gnarled roots of the Ritossa olive groves have persevered through war and natural disasters, through changes of climate and country, and under the rule of warrior princes, wealthy merchant kings and modern despots.

The Ritossa Family Office is host to The Global Family Office Investment Summits. The Summit Series has made global headlines as the world’s largest and most exclusive gathering of the private wealth of all time. 600+ Elite Family Offices, Prominent Business Owners, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investment Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds & industry professionals from around the globe convene representing more than $4.5 trillion in wealth.

These global gatherings are aimed squarely at like-minded leaders and the new masters of the universe, the private investment offices. Being part of a family office himself, understanding what is essential to families and corporations, and including this in the conference agenda, creates a unique environment and a lovely ambience only found at Ritossa Summits.

Sir Anthony Ritossa welcomes in Riyadh 600+ global leading family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals. These include Royals, Sheikhs, Private Investment Companies and Sovereign Wealth Funds. Together, they will explore global opportunities, succession planning, philanthropy suggestions, and family governance.

The Importance of Family Office in Education by H.E. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal on Economic Times and Times of India

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His Excellency (H.E.) Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez  LLB., MBA., Ph.D. H., F.R.A.S, F.R.S.A. (Santiago de Compostela, 1995) is a Spanish jurist, diplomat, journalist and academic.

He is Graduated in Law in A Coruña University (2013-2017), Graduated in Journalism at the National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile (2013-2017) and MBA in “International Construction Management” at European University of Madrid (2017-2018).

He made different specializations and courses at universities and business schools like MIT, ESSEC Business School, Harvard University, Indian School of Business, London Business School, Princeton University, Saudi Electronic University, Stanford University, The Johns Hopkins University, University of Washington, Vanderbilt University or Yale University.

He received in 2019 the Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa) in Human Rights and Diplomacy by the ASEAN University International (Indonesia) and Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Peace by Noble International University (USA).

In 2016 he started in the field of Law research about family law and private property. Since his beginnings in the academic field, he became a member of several national and international academies and received more than twenty national and International awards.

Sir Manuel is an advisor of some Princes and Royal Houses around the World as well as an Honorary Ambassador of different organizations related to the United Nations.

Since July of 2018, he is the President of the Private Council of the Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf and patronage member of the Assaf Foundation.

Since 2019, he is a contributor of Le Monde and Le Figaro, two of the best 25 newspapers of the World. He published 8 books with 24 years old and has been featured and interviewed as author and entrepreneur in media like Forbes Cosmo, CNBC, CBS, ABC and Fox News.

He is considered one of the Most Influential by different journals and magazines as UpClosedor Mundo Extremo. Since 2018 is considered one of the Most Influent Men in the Middle East since he received the award “Best Human Leader in the World for 2017”.

In 2019, the magazine Cosmo Chic made a special review about his position between the 250 Top Influencers of the Middle East of 2019. In the same year was included as an Honorary member “World Order of Global Leaders” and also Nominee to the award “The Face of the Globe in Service to Humanity 2019” given by Global Public Excellence with support of Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Nowadays, he is mainly dedicated to positioning and leadership promotion since Mayaimi International Corp. and working in Higher Education. He works in Higher Education in university as Associate Professor and Vicepresident of Communications at ASEAN University International, as Visiting Professor and Advisor to the Pranab Mukherjee Chair for Sustainable Development, Research, Skill Advancement and Education at the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India as well as advisor of IIC University and of City University Group.

He is a contributor of Higher Education in the Official blog of News of Harvard University, in the University of Southern California, in MSNBC and Microsoft Education as well as Contributor and Advisor of Higher Education of The Times of India and The Economic Times.

He is also Contributor and Advisor of blogs and university platforms about Higher Education of Yale University, the University of California-Berkeley, Indiana University and Oregon University Online.


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Pope John Paul II said that “The family is the basis of society and the place where people learn for the first time the values that guide them throughout their lives.”

The family implies an alliance and an affiliation in which all its members are unique beings welcomed as members of that community.

The first social experience of the human being is born in the family, the place where he forges his identity and relates by strengthening trust in the human race through interaction between family members.

That is why it must be constituted as the refuge for the development of the security and self-esteem of each one in order to develop the virtues firmly and without fear of how the world is, despite the fact that wolves always arise in nature. Therefore, the family is the basis of man and his history where the person, through education is motivated and understood by being a member of the union by parents, who are undoubtedly the engines of life.

The family should add that, from the humblest to the wealthiest; it has always contributed to both the world economy and education.

The family in the West has been weakened by multiple causes such as extreme social movements and populisms that favour the legal distortion of the family figure, returning each of its members as interchangeable pieces.

Since nuclear families are in crisis and, more and more individual contributions prevail instead of family ones. However, they are cyclic crises. In this regard, you can see quotes from authors such as Cicero, who stated in the first century before Christ that & “they are bad times because your children have stopped obeying their parents and everyone writes books”.

To weigh this crisis, currently one of the figures that show the continuation of the family legacy is the Family Offices.

The Family Office is weighing the effects that have emanated from the family crisis as such, basically because it safeguards the core interests of the core: protecting the legacy.

One of the most striking aspects is that the investments made through family offices follow that spirit of sheltering the development of the security and self-esteem of each individual, allowing new generations to develop their personal projects and create their own legacy covered in the help of other families.

About Family Offices, one of the world’s leading experts is Sir Anthony Ritossa, who through his Family Offices events brings together more than 4.5 trillion dollars looking for new opportunities to protect and sponsor new generations in projects based both in Technological as of human capital initiatives.

About Ritossa Family Office, they speak to the refining of 600 years of history – of woods, family and a region. The contorted foundations of the Ritossa olive forests have driven forward through war and catastrophic events, through Climate Change and nation, and under the standard of warrior rulers, affluent trader rulers and current tyrants.

The Ritossa Family Office is known for its revolutionary investments. These incorporate the US Subprime Crisis, the European Sovereign Debt, Banking Crisis, vital PE, RE and blockchain technology.

The Ritossa Family Office is host to The Global Family Office Investment Summits. The Summit Series has stood out as truly newsworthy as the world’s most significant and most elite social occasion of private abundance ever. More than 600 Elite Family Offices, Prominent Business Owners, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investment Companies, Sovereign Wealth Funds and industry experts from around the world gather speaking to more than 4.5 trillion dollars in riches.

Regarding the Family Offices and their relationship with higher education Sir Anthony is a firm supporter of higher education and through the power and influence of his events encourages global family offices to consider investing in new school expansions, education technology, innovative learning opportunities and missions to support disadvantaged youth.

Increasingly, Family Offices contribute to education in emerging countries. See how the Bloomberg family itself, anticipating that the UHNW amount, which they invest through Family Offices, will reach 263,500 in 2025, is progressively considering investing in developing markets, where the new UHNWs come from countries such as India or China. Therefore, the objective is to try to alleviate the risks of an investment in these countries to convince other families so that they invest and allow the construction of new metropolises and with it, new family legacies.

That is why it can be said that its economic and cultural impact is undoubtedly impressive and of high relevance, since they contribute to both the commercial and cultural legacy and, therefore, directly and indirectly to the educational development of the new generations.

Directly, due to the direct investments that each of the Family Offices makes to be able to promote individual projects so that they become family projects, and therefore in tradition.

Indirectly, due to the social conscience, they induce through their investments. The new fortunes and heirs of the great fortunes prefer to encourage the development of new businesses rather than keeping their income in their bank accounts fixed term. It is possible to clarify that, this event allows to influence because the majority of the banks now charge instead of giving interest for the short or long term deposits; however, the new investments arise from a regenerating and driving mentality of the society that fosters a much healthier competitiveness and not a monopolistic society, just as it once was.

Knowing that the family is a &”masterpiece of nature”, as George Santayana stated, it is necessary to take care of it and preserve it, since it is the essential element without which it would not have passed, present or future. The family is the actual constituent of history and therefore of education.

Following Iain Duncan Smith, it should be added that like economies and governments & “when families are strong and stable, so are children who show higher levels of well-being and more positive results”. Since the family is an essential core and primary contributor to education and the world economy, it is necessary to remember that family relationships are not perfect. However, maintaining harmony among the members helps the union and therefore, strength.

Assaf Member His Excellency Luis Suárez in humanitarian and educational mission in the municipality of Alis in Peru.

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His Excellency Luis Suárez Hernández, Delegate of Social Affairs of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf, in humanitarian and educational mission in the municipality of Alis in Peru.

For his collaborative work, His Excellency and his wife were awarded with the key of the city.

After more than seven and a half hours of road crossing they reached the heart of the jungle in Alis to celebrate a Chocolate Party (“Chocolatada”) that made everybody feel happy with also the donation of Coats, Toys, Caps and Clothes for all who were present in the event that was organized by the Director of Dstino Magazine Peru (Monica Canales) and Suarez Museum of Natural Science and History by the Ambassador Luis Suarez, Vice President, as well as by Dayamy Rodriguez, International Director, representing the Miami Kingdom Lion Club and other invocations such as Knight of Colombus which the Ambassador is 4th Degree in the humanitarian part.

It was a cold and rainy afternoon but with great success.  They are already planning a new visit in a few months to formalize Educational and Humanitarian projects.

They expressed their appreciation for their collaboration with the donations to Lucesita of Los Salditos de Luz and Elbio Gimenez former Governador de los Leones district 35 N and Miguel Angel Espejo Rodrigues, Mayor of Alis District Municipality – Yauyos Province – Limas Region, Peru.

Assaf Members appointed by Russian Government

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Assaf Members His Excellency Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, President of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf and Patronage Member of Assaf Foundation; Honorable Dr. José Luis Balboa Gómez, Delegate of Health Advisory of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf; and His Excellency Manuel Alejandro Freire-Garabal Núñez, Director of International Relations of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf had been appointed by the Russian Federation Government during the last week with the Order of the Peacemaker of the Worldwide Charitable Alliance of Peacemakers, from the Ministry of Culture of the Federation.

His Excellency Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez was appointed with the Grand Cross of Ruby Ars Longa. Among the most outstanding winners of the first class degree are: Fidel Alejandro Castro Rus, President of the Republic of Cuba; Sheikh Hamada ibn Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain; Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the USSR or Emomali Sharipovich Rakhmonov, President of Tajikistan. As well as second and third class personalities of art and culture such as: Alek Baldwin, American actor; Owen Wilson, American actor or Rutger Hauer, Dutch actor.

Honorable Dr. José Luis Balboa Gómez was appointed with the Medal of the Order of the Peacemaker. Among the most outstanding winners there are Toto Cutugno, Sami Naseri, Sati Casanova or Roberto Dzaneti.

His Excellency Manuel Alejandro Freire-Garabal Núñez was appointed with the Golden Order of the Peacemaker. Among the most outstanding winners there are Alec Baldwin, Nikolay Baskov, Georgy Grechko or Lanovoi Vasyl.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the stars of world cinema and sports, prominent figures of science, culture and politics, business leaders, as well as a number of international non-governmental organizations came together to establish the World Charitable Alliance “Peacemaker”. Secretary General of the Alliance, was elected patron Yuri Safronov.

Also the other founder of this initiative is the Delegate for Russia of the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf Igor Olegovich Eleferenko, who is Advisor to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, State Counselor and Colonel of the regular troops of the Cossacks.

The purpose of the Alliance “Peacemaker” – association of world-famous people to using the high international prestige, joint efforts to provide support to those who need help in different parts of the world, to form a new system of relations between nations and states, based on the principles of humanism and peace.

Outstanding Personalities of Russia, China, USA, European Union, Africa and Asia, have attained worldwide fame, consider it their duty to lead by example and promote the civilized interaction of different nationalities, religions and cultures in the modern world.

They promote the cultural unity of all generations through art and science. Familiarity with the culture and traditions of other nations leads to the realization of the unity of the people, their absolute identity, regardless of the external differences.

In Crimea, the Crimean passed VI International Forum of Peace, in which there was a presentation of the World Prize of Peacemaker.

The event was held on October 1 at the Livadia and Massandra Palace, in places where he once loved to rest the Russian Emperor Alexander III. This event brought together in one place a lot of bright and prominent people, politicians, public figures, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, sports, science, with the main goal to build “bridges of friendship” that can help in strengthening the spiritual, cultural, economic and political relations between states and between peoples.

The organizer of this event was a bright “fund to support the development and promotion of the ideas of peace,” headed by the Secretary General of Alliance Yuri Yevgenyevich Safronov.

Forum exists since 2014. During this period Peace Prize was awarded to: UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors, UNICEF, the world-famous actors, directors, musicians, athletes, as well as governors, members of the Federal Assembly of Russia, representatives of international humanitarian and charitable organizations, Russian and international business, foreign ambassadors and public figures.


Partner Al-Khalifa Business School featured in California Herald

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Al-Khalifa Business School is Helping Working Adults to Complete their Higher Education through Flexible E-Learning Programs

Al-Khalifa Business School, an educational company has been in the news for providing a platform for people to help them complete their Post Graduate Level Higher Education, Cultural Education, and Educational Support Services. It offers many flexible e-learning programs to help busy adults to study from any corner of the world. Founded in 2019, Al-Khalifa Business School to provide innovative business learning in various fields of Business.

Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez has been serving as the managing director and founder of Al-Khalifa Business School. He has introduced many learning programs and courses in the fields of business, cybersecurity, and management. In addition to this, he has been associated with other reputed global universities and is contributing to their growth with his knowledge as well as wisdom.

The members of the Advisory board of Al-Khalifa Business School have a long experience of serving in the business world. Its team includes Afaf Konja (USA), Sir Anthony Ritossa (UAE), H.E. Sir Brian Patrick Luining (Netherlands), Dr. Jagannath Patnaik (India), Dr. Hari Eppanapally (USA), H.E. Igor Olegovich Eleferenko (Russia), Mohamed Al Ali (UAE), H.E. Amb. Paulette Bethel (Bahamas), and H.E. Sheikh Ahmed El Haiba (Saudi Arabia).

The programs of studies at Al-Khalifa Business School include Law Business program, AgriBusiness program, Media Business program, Music Business program, Economy Business program, and Health Business program. The self-paced programs make e-learning flexible and supportive to help busy adults learn at their own speed. Due to its affordable and personalized learning programs, Al-Khalifa Business School allows students to learn from reputed and experienced professionals from different industries.

Al-Khalifa Business School is Helping Working Adults to Complete their Higher Education through Flexible E-Learning Programs